Match Day Rituals: A day in the life

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Take a moment to enjoy part four of this five-part series as Viktor provides an exclusive insight into the rituals that matter most to Viktor when it comes to game day. 

Gain a snapshot into the daily routine of Olympic Gold medalist and HSBC Global Ambassador, Viktor Axelsen, as he shares a behind-the-scenes look at his own life and how he prepares to perform at his best. 


When it comes to how an athlete prepares on a match day, I know the first thing many people wonder is about any funny or strange superstitions or behaviour! 

Many athletes do have rituals or superstitions, but I find it can be quite dangerous if you have too many, because there will be times when you can’t do them and then it affects you. 

OK… I do have one. The only thing for me is to get my match day clothing ready the day before: tracksuit, shorts, t-shirt, underpants and socks – and always in the same order! 

Otherwise, my routine is quite straightforward but varies depending on the time of day I’m playing. I always want to have a bit of exercise, at least seven hours before I play. I usually also have treatment after a match but if it’s a late finish, I will prioritise my sleep and get to bed as quickly as possible. 

Another thing that is always a part of a typical match day (apart from the last couple of years with COVID): the crowd. The crowd plays a huge role on match day, and I love the noise. I think badminton needs this – a lot of screaming people and emotional fans – even if they are cheering for the opponent. 

The most important thing for me is to adapt to my surroundings. In the past, I got frustrated if I felt calm when I wanted to be more energised. But even before the Olympic final, I was really calm and that didn’t bother me. Now, I just take it easy and let my body feel however it wants to feel. 

Then, when I’m out on court and I feel like I need to pump myself up a bit more, that’s when you’ll see me raise my fist and get more emotional! 


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